Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Johnny's Been A Guest Star

Yep, when Johnny hasn't been busy making DVDs and Blu-Rays, or working on the BearsInGames podcast, he's been engaging in some other podcasts!

You can hear him in two episodes of the fantastically vulgar That's What She Said Podcast, as hosted by the never-exacty-polite Christian, Frank, and Brian, and has been harassing and generally hassling the fine folks over at The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Films, another great podcast for in-depth-yet-hilarious takes on the business we call show. Gack. He's even had a voice mail on Gamers With Jobs, which means that he's only one degree of separation away from the inimitable Jeff Green.

Also been beefing up the number of ways that you can get BearsInGames, including:

- Facebook, the fan page for BearsInGames (Plus it doubles as a great facebook list of nerdy gamer bears and cubs).

- Twitter, @johnnybarnstorm and @bearsingames, at least, until they shape up their servers enough so he can trust @bearsingames to work properly.

- XBL BearsInGames

- bearsingames@gmail.com is a good email address to use!

Bears In Games - The Gayest 16-Bit Games Of All Time (That Aren't Cho Aniki)

Just what is the gayest 16-bit game of all time? CHO ANIKI! But, that's a bit of a foregone conclusion. And at BearsInGames, we like betting on the underdogs. So we're counting down the top five gayest games during the wonderful era that brought us the Blast Processing of the Sega Genesis, the Mode 7 scaling and rotation of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and the... Johnny Turboness... of the Turbografx-16! Watch in awe as we look at beefcake Boris Vallejo paintings, chubby bear giants in metal briefs, bear thugs with crotches the size of cantaloupes, rescuing Madonna during her Like a Virgin phase, the precursor to Soul Calibur, bad 90s press junket commercials with far too many crotch shots, secret passages into XXL London, the single gayest secret character of any game ever, and the best sprite-based animation you've ever seen! Plus even more Haggar!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bears In Games Episode 5 - The State Of Gays in Games

How are gays portrayed in modern video games? Johnny takes a look at what gays look like to game designers, and the hows and whys of their use in the games we play. We check out the Just Us Guys store owners in Aruze's Shadow Hearts: From the New World, Makoto from FROM SOFTWARE's Enchanted Arms, Jann from SEGA's Valkyria Chronicles, and Bernie and Brucie from Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV. How do they stack up? Are gaymers going to enjoy their video game counterparts? Are any of them big burly bear men? Don't get your hopes up.

You can follow BearsInGames on twitter with the user @JohnnyBarnstorm. Sadly, I did make a @BearsInGames but have had problems consistently accessing this profile. Dang it.

Got any ideas? Feedback? Email me at bearsingames@gmail.com!

Next time: The Top Five Gayest 16-Bit Games That Aren't Cho Aniki!