Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bears In Games Versus Final Fight 2

Johnny and Robbie tackle Final Fight 2 to ask: has the game got less gay?
Alright, here's a Let's Play of sorts for the first couple of stages of Capcom's Final Fight. Johnny and Robbie tackle this brawler to answer the question: has Final Fight become less gay? (The answer? Yeah, kinda.) This episode has some interesting appearances, including Guy, Cody, and a skinny background version of Chun Li! We discuss the longevity of the brawler genre, what can be considered modern descendants of the brawler, ask what's semaphore, and spy a scrawny Guile! Maybe it's Guile's french cousin, Guillaume. Sorry 'bout the audio glitch near the end - mic cut out so we just had camera audio during our fun encounter with Freddie!


Foulei / Visit said...

Just cause i love her so much >< here

smeth ross said...
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smeth ross said...

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