Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bears In Games - Which WRPG Makes The Best Bear?

Unlike the set characters found in Japanese RPGs, western RPGs almost exclusively deal with created characters, with modifiable skill sets, gender, background, and most of all, looks. The downside is that this can lead to lifeless tabla rasas on which you are supposed to project yourself, egotist that you are. The upside? Big hot bears in RPGs! Who doesn't want that? So, firstly, we look at Bethesda's shake at the hugely popular Fallout franchise. How hot can a man wandering the nuclear wastes get? (If Mad Max's leather bound bears are any help, plenty hot.)Then we head over to the fantastic futurespace that is BioWare's Mass Effect, and finally check out the creepy troll-things that you can create with Bethesda's Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion!


BanditKIr said...

lol I dunno... I was considering playing Oblivion but now I'm having second thoughts.

The first time I played Mass Effect my roommate fell on the floor laughing when he saw my character so I immediately restarted.

Bears in Games said...

Aw, Oblivion is a pretty great game. Huge. Just have to give up any hope of having a burly hot bear of a character.

Maxwell said...

I always liked Amped 3 for the character mod stuff. I usually make a shirtless, shorts-wearing, beefy chubby snowboarding bear with thick-framed glasses...I was so pissed to learn that I could not do the same in Oblivion.