Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bears In Games - Epic Final Fantasy Extravaganza Part 1

Johnny and guest host from Max take a good, hard look at the first four Final Fantasies. Provided that you think Final Fantasy starts with Final Fantasy III.

Final Fantasy III starts us off with its slightly creepy child-warrior look, and confusingly androgynous protagonists. But all is not lost in this game: it does feature one of Final Fantasy's hottest bosses, the Djinn! So that's something right there.

Final Fantasy IV does have a chubby bear as a playable character, but it's Cid. And Cid in this game could, based on your viewpoint, either look like A: a potato, B: a biker bear, or C: a gollywog doll. He's got some freaky lips. Other than that, not a lot of bears, though it does have girls wearing inappropriate bikinis. And is Yang a bear? He ain't hairy, but he is burly.

Final Fantasy V is a critical darling but overlooked step in the series. It had a great implementation of the job system, but not much of a plot. The beauty is in the excellent combat. So what does it offer us as far as bears go? One of the protagonists is an older guy with a moustache, and he and the hero, Buttz, seem to be cruising their mysterious (or Mister-ious) pirate friend. They think he's hot.

Final Fantasy VI drastically changed the way that games dealt with cinemas, characterization, and presentation. Does that mean it has good characterization? No. It just has it, period. And this is a big step forward for the JRPG genre. So while some of the dialogue is clunky and terrible, there are definite emotional high points. Also, is Sabin a bear? Sure he is. Because they say so in the game.


Roto13 said...

There was a similar cutscene to that graduation theme one in Final Fantasy 1, remember. Right after you cross that bridge. :P And that person after Edge in the DS cutscene there was Rubicante.

You get to ride the Magitek armour again two more times. Once when sneaking around the Emperial camp and once in Cyan´s dream.

Her name was Tina in Japan because apparently they thought it sounded mystical or whatever. :P

Shadow has a kid, so he´s at least straight enough to knock someone up.

Duncan isn´t really dead. He´s alive in the World of Ruin. He teaches you Bum Rush.

You missed the part the really gay Sabin part, where Edgar goes to his little hut thing and can tell it belongs to Sabin because it has his favourite flowers, china, and tea. What more do you need?

Bears in Games said...

Right, right, no one's ever actually really, HONESTLY dead in this game. Except for Cyan's family. All dead, they are.

And I've met plenty of bears with kids! They just, you know, realize later that they like the ladies.

I'll bet he taught him Bum Rush.